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OnX Finance
2 min readDec 21, 2020


Steps to stake on the ONX platform.

  1. “Launch App” from the main website or visit

2. Connect Wallet and Select wallet provider

3. Click on Start Farming to find the pools and Enter the pool of choice

For the tutorial we will use ANKR as an example

4. Approve the token

5. Enter amount of token to stake and click “Stake”. Then approve the action on metamask or trust wallet.

6. After entering any of the farming pools, all active pools will be displayed on the Dashboard:

The staked ANKR is displayed here. And the Pending ONX which can be redeemed at any point.

7. To stake more ANKR, click the “+” in the dashboard.

8. To unstake ANKR, click the “ - “ in the dashboard. Enter the amount to withdraw and click the “Unstake” button. Then confirm.

9. To harvest ONX earned so far, click the down arrow key on the right side of the card, which will display “Harvest” on scroll.

Confirm on metamask or trust wallet after clicking Harvest

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