OnX Alpha Vaults

  • - stETH/ETH SLP
  • The aim of those strategies is to farm the SLP tokens on Sushiswap, as well as automate the following steps periodically:
  • a) stake the Sushi rewards on SushiSwap,
  • b) farm the xSushi tokens on OnX Finance, and
  • c) stake OnX rewards
  • - The gas fee cost of these strategies is amortized among all vault capital providers, which makes the strategy more cost efficient
  • - Automate reinvestment process
  • - Higher APY through compounding farming rewards
  • - Possible to collateralize OnX alpha ETH2 vaults in the future (e.g., aETH/ETH SLP, stETH/ETH SLP)




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OnX Finance

OnX Finance

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