🕳️OnX Finance: the first DeFi platform for collateralized tokens

✍ Motivation

These can be LP tokens, yield-earning tokens on projects like yearn, and even the newly-emerged Bond tokens. OnX will be the first project to build a DeFi platform specifically targeting collateralized tokens — including services such as an AMM, Lending, Yield Farming, and Insurance.

💱Bond Tokens & ankrETH

Created by the Ankr team, Stkr is a project which allows Ethereum stakers to participate in the beacon chain with as little as 0.5 ETH, and up to an unlimited amount of ETH with a single transaction. This allows users the opportunity to participate in ETH 2.0 staking without having to stake exactly 32 ETH and without having to manage node servers 24/7. More importantly, users receive an equivalent amount of the synthetic token ankrETH (aETH) in return for their Ethereum staked on the beacon chain until it is redeemable for the rewards, which can be at least 1 year with current estimations.

This makes aETH the first large Bond token in DeFi, and OnX is looking to be the go-to platform for this emerging market.

🚁ONX Airdrop to ANKR Holders

An announcement will soon be made that will detail all participating exchanges and give a snapshot date.

All ANKR holders on these exchanges will receive a portion of 1 ONX token for every 10,000 ANKR tokens. This will help with initial exposure for the OnX ecosystem as well as significantly benefiting all ANKR token holders.

There will be a 4% pre-mint for this exchange airdrop campaign. Should any amount not be utilized, it will be put towards the OnX governance treasury.

🌾 Yield Farming as Token Distribution

  1. ANKR → 1X
  2. ankrETH → 2X
  3. ankrETH/ETH LP on Uniswap → 7X
  4. ankrETH/USDC LP on Uniswap → 7X
  5. ONX/ETH LP on Uniswap → 10X
  6. Curve ankrETH → TBD

The initial pools are to stimulate the growth of the first large Bond token on Ethereum. These pools and multipliers are subject to change with the introduction of Governance (with ONX)


💱Collateralized-Token Swap (CTS)

💎ONX Token Benefits

  1. To pay interest for OnX Lending
  2. To receive discounts on the OnX platform
  3. To receive a portion of trading fee’s from the CTS
  4. More benefits as services and products are added to the protocol
  5. Governance abilities — more information to come


  • 4.00% Reserved for exchange airdrop campaign
  • 1.75 % Reserved for Liquidity and Marketing
  • 1.00% Reserve for treasury — timelocked
  • 93.25% reserved for distribution via yield farming
    * 2% of every harvest for insurance fund
    * 5% of every harvest for treasury

The distribution phase of OnX is done in two separate phase:

Bonus Month 1 — lasting 195,000 blocks.
Each day on the Ethereum blockchain is approximately 6500 blocks, therefore the block rewards go down every 6500 blocks to start for 30 days (or 195,000 blocks).

Starting from block 11485200, the rewards will be 22 ONX per block to start for 6500 blocks (143,000 ONX on day 1), and go down by 0.55 blocks per day. This means day 2 will have (21.45 * 6500 = 139,425), day 3 (20.9 * 6500 = 135,850), and so on until all 195,000 blocks (~30 days) are completed for Bonus Month 1. On Day 30, there will be (6.05 * 6500 = 39325 ONX).

Months 2–12 — lasting 2,145,000 blocks.

After the bonus month, ONX per block will drop by 0.55 per block monthly (every 195,000 blocks) instead of daily. This means Month 2 will have (5.5 * 6500 = 35,750 ONX daily) -> (35,750 * 30 = 1,072,500 ONX for the month). Month 3 will have (4.95 * 6500 = 32,175 ONX daily) -> (32,175 * 30 = 965,250 for the month). This will carry on until farming is finished.
Farming will be completed on December 3rd, 2021 (end farming block 13825200).

📅 Release schedule

All participating exchanges will receive 1 ONX per 10,000 ANKR as an airdrop.

Block# to be confirmed in a separate post with all participating exchanges!

OnX Farming begins on block# 11485200 —
Dec. 19th: 10:30am PST | 6:30pm UTC

📑Official Contracts

ONX Farm Contract:

Pre-mint Timelock:

The token contract and farming contract has been officially audited by Beosin blockchain security.

📱 Social Media

Telegram: https://t.me/OnXFi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/onxfinance

Medium: https://onxfinance.medium.com

Github: https://github.com/OnXFinance



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